Your next step forward

PULSE Ambassadors work with your department so that you can envision and bring about the change your department needs. 

A call to action


Ambassadors will facilitate a dialog to foster visioning, collaboration, and synergy with the explicit goal of supporting departmental faculty in their implementation of the recommendations of vision and change in undergraduate biology education.


Open conversations

PULSE Ambassadors come to your campus with an open mind. We are here to meet with your administrators, engage with your department and help you reflect on your concerns and needs to begin the process of transformation.

Access to Resources

PULSE is here to help you reach your goals. Ambassadors will connect you with the PULSE community at large, follow-up with you after the workshop and assist in your progress toward short-term and long-term goals outlined by you.

“It forced the department to dedicate time to envisioning how it can align with the vision and change framework and develop an action plan.

-Stevenson University


“I loved how the Ambassadors were not only a wealth of information but also modeled how they wanted us to interact with each other.                                              I would love to be an Ambassador someday!”

-Saginaw Valley State University



The PULSE Ambassadors Program is currently supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) RCN-UBE award 1624182, with previous support under EAGER award 1355771.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations contained within are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of NSF.




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